Klemens Arro

About Me

Hey! I’m Klemens Arro. I'm a technology-focused entrepreneur with over thirteen years of experience. Over that time, I have had my share of failures and great successes.
One of my key strengths is finding innovative approaches to solve complex business problems. At the moment, my biggest focus is on leveraging cloud technology, cybersecurity and healthcare technology.

Some Projects

Here are some of the fascinating projects I’m involved with. Some of these I’m working on as my main focus and put most of my energy in. Others I have invested time, money (from micro- to direct investments) or other resources on a less frequent basis.

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Get in Touch

I’m glad to see that you made your way to my contact page!

So, you have something that you would like to say to me? The most traditional way to do that is by using the email form on this page. Or if it is something small, like up to 140 characters … then you can tweet me @klemensarro.

I am eager to see what it is that you have to say to me. I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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